Dr. Stephen Hawking once said that future developments into medicine will largely depend on and be influenced by light and colour. When gemstones are taken into consideration, they are materials which play with light and come in various colours, shapes, cuts and sizes. Gem therapy, which is one of the natural and most ancient sciences, is usually harmless and with no side-effects, being able to resolve numerous upcoming issues and control problems.

The Sun is the source of all energy, and when light passes through a prism, a spectrum of colours is obtained, which is very similar to the colours of gemstones. The nine planets in our solar system are associated with these colours and consonance is maintained with the prescribed stones. Hence, gem therapy uses these cosmic rays which represent the different planetary energies to get positive results in being a life healer.

The gem therapy usually works on the colour energy, also known as ‘colour therapy’. The modern has observed the magnificent influence of colours over the human body. The behaviour of the human body system is enhanced by colours of the common gemstone such as blue and red. These colours have distinguished operating power and influence on the body system. While gemstones are adorned to bring positive energy into your life, there are different stones which may have different effects, which may not necessarily have a positive effect.

Therefore, it is understood that gemstones hold the capability to cure disability, and scientific research has shown that chronic diseases like asthma, tumours, heart diseases may be cured with the help of gem therapy.