Of various normal traits such as skin tone or colour, hair colour etc., one that is quite likely to get missed out is eye colour. Whenever you talk about sparkle or glitter, eyes as well as gemstones occupy the mind frame automatically. Hence, let's find out what are the various things observed by an experienced jewellery hoarder while picking from an assorted lot of these enthralling accessories.

There are various hues and colourations that are famous in regards to eye colour. Brown, blue, green and black are few of the basic colours of eyes. So, when you plan to get maximum focus on your eyes while picking up a certain look, try complementing the gemstone colour with that of eye as its sparkle is surely going to make you look vibrant and beaming with happiness and confidence.

Hazel eyes and purple coloured gemstones go hand in hand. The purple colour accentuates the hazel eyes beautifully and one can select from a variety of hues such as lilac, light or intense purple while selecting the jewellery item. Amethyst is the most popular gemstone having purple hue and is used widely by the white girls with dreamy hazel eyes. You can also select purple hues of gemstones like Topaz and Garnet for picking the jewellery that fits you the best.

Angela Jolie, Anna Nicole Smith, Demi Moore are some of the famous celebrities that are known to have born with green eyes. Taking a pick from these fashionistas, use of ruby or garnet is highly recommended for picking jewellery item that brings more sparkle to fascinating green eyes. Simply wear a ruby necklace for that extra zing and you will find the results to be awesomely amazing.

If you are gifted with brown eyes, you are sure not to attract people because of any wrong reason. This colour of the eyes is most commonly found and one definitely can think of standing apart from the horde by picking a stunning jewellery item in blue colour. When you talk about blue, sapphire is picked as the most sought after gemstone. A curious collector may also go extra mile to pick diamonds in blue colour and steal the show by wearing them in a very important gathering or occasion. One can also settle for Tanzanite, Blue Topaz or Tourmaline while selecting the gemstone having stylish blue hue.

Another very appealing eye colour is blue. Eyes of this colour flash really appealingly in earthy tones. Blue colour of eyes is known to make these appear rather mischievous and so to reflect the sober side of your personality, you can pick jewellery having gemstones in earth tones. Citrine, Opal and Amber are few of the well-known gemstones that can be used for making jewellery leaving the onlookers completely awe-struck.

Jewellery is normally meant to make a person feel good and look class apart. Therefore, when you want your eyes to do the talking, pick jewellery pieces for ears and neck as per the colour suggestions mentioned in this write-up. Correct jewellery choice can bring lot of attention to you and you can easily become the pick of the event without doing anything overboard.