While coming across variety of jewellery pieces studded with gemstones sparkling in various colours, I got curious about the fact how gemstones acquire colour and what implication that colour holds in our life. Generally, jewellery pieces are meant to increase the aesthetic appeal of a person, clothing style or enhance any particular asset like eyes but what if these bring better fortune or change an individual's perspective altogether? The idea drew me closer to these sparkling stones and I came across very astonishing facts related to colour of the gemstone and its impact on us.

Black gemstones
Agate, Chinese writing stone, sapphire, onyx, spinel, pearl etc are some of the colours that can be categorized as black gems. If at all it surprises you, black stands for mystery. As we know this colour to be a great absorber, it is believed to absorb all the negativity and being the colour of the outer world i.e. unknown universe, it depicts mystery as well as sensuality. So, if you want to portray yourself as someone sexy or mysterious having lot of oomph, you can choose any of the black gems for creating that curious aura around you.

Blue gemstones
Sapphire is the name that automatically starts buzzing in our ears, the moment somebody utters 'blue gemstone'. Interestingly, there are various other gemstones such as Tanzanite, Blue Topaz, Zircon, Aquamarine, Blue Moonstone etc that can be used for enjoying the luxury of blue coloured gemstone jewellery. This colour has positive as well as negative impacts. It enhances independence, promotes truth and sincerity in a wearer. But keep a watch on the energy bounce that you get after wearing these blue gemstones and don't be surprised if you feel tired or drained!

Red gemstones
Talking about the red gemstones, these are invariably used where the strong emotions, dark feelings and highly electric moods come into picture. Most popular red gemstones are ruby, red sapphire, tourmaline, jasper, beryl, coral and garnet - some of these are naturally red while others are treated to get the distinguished red colour. So, once these red gemstones become the integral part of your personality, you feel enhancement in energy, passion, virility and courage. You come forward with better throw and therefore, whenever you require that extra zing in your life, simply go red!

Green gemstones
Emerald, jade, tourmaline, peridot are some of the very eye-catching green coloured gemstones that find takers very easily because of their soothing appeal. Green is the colour of prosperity, peace, stability and above all balance. So, when you feel lot of chaos in your life and want it to move in better direction, you can simply rely on this colour for bringing in the positive changes. Keyword here is 'balance' and people who have very structured frame of mind prefer keeping green elements in proximity.

Brown gemstones
Brown is the colour of that helps you feel grounded. Tiger's eye, bronzite, aragonite, axinite and few others are some of the gemstones that are found in remarkable brown colour. Who doesn't want to get noticed? But when the attention gets too much, you need a feel to gel with the surroundings. So, when you need to garner more soothing, grounded and balanced approach towards your affairs, try to switch to these gemstones for better results. However, this colour may induce the feeling of lethargy or laid back attitude, so watch out if you start looking for short-cuts or check your tendency to keep the task pending for later!

White gemstones
White signifies purity and chastity; perhaps, this is the reason why brides are made to wear white gown as wedding outfit. White also stands for peace; a worldwide accepted fact! So, when to choose white gemstones? Obviously, when you require to bring peace and purity in your mind and behaviour. Diamond, pearl, opal and moonstone top the heap of white gemstones and several other gemstones like sapphire, jade, quartz etc can be treated to create their white variety. White is believed to induce a feeling of completeness. So, when you want to feel wholesome and need protection in dark, wear white gems for peaceful sleep.

Other important colours which actually caught my attention while shopping for gemstones include orange, gold, yellow, purple, indigo and grey. All have some important theory behind them and are of great use when one needs to change the course of life.
• Orange: spicing up the work environment and achieving new scales of creativity
• Gold: Good health, personal power, happiness and relaxation in life
• Yellow: Clarity, more energy, keeping away feelings of exhaustion
• Purple: Better judgment, fights away hurdles, steers away depression
• Indigo: For better perspective towards dealing with problems, increases inner peace and enhances intuitive powers
• Gray: Submissiveness, feeling of detachment and neutrality and for accepting the prevalent code of conduct ; it may help you become more procedure compliant.