Gemstones are very precious and this preciousness attributes a lot to the rarity of their occurrence. The rarer the gemstone is, higher will be its price tag. Of various facts that one desires to know about gemstones, place of origin and countries where these are still found in abundance can help one collect their interesting information better.

Emerald is the gemstone of Beryl family. Those who know Beryl will be knowledgeable about the fact that it is basically colourless. The colour in a gemstone is the result of presence of impurities; for example, emerald owes its green colour to the presence of vanadium and chromium. This gemstone, known for purity and religious importance, gathers all the respect that it has because of the purity and is therefore, a thing of great delight for passionate collectors or professional curators. Oldest emerald are found in Zimbabwe and Pakistan. However, Columbia tops the list of those countries where emeralds are present in abundance even today. When it comes to looking for finest emeralds, Zambia and Brazil are placed together at the same podium as Zimbabwe.

Sapphire scores very high on emotional appeal. A very prestigious member of corundum family, this gemstone signifies steadfast relationship. Whenever the matter is of pure, selfless, unending love coupled with unrivalled understanding, sapphire does the job of expressing the emotion really well. This gemstone is believed to be the part of firmament of earth and a number of hues ranging from sky blue to dark-deep blue are found in sapphire. This gemstone was originally found in Sri Lanka, then known as Ceylon. Another popular region is Kashmir and Burma. Kashmir colour is said to be the most appealing of all the hues present and it is admired mainly because of the brightness that it carries. Brazil has also registered its presence because of the availability of top-quality sapphires in this country.

Aquamarine can rightly be called the 'gemstone of contemporary designers' as it offer myriad cutting options to designing enthusiasts. Thousands of designs can be based on the cut type available for aquamarine and one can choose to make large number of jewellery items with the help of single large piece of this versatile gemstone. Aquamarine, as is known to carry natural blue colour that signifies water and sky, stands largely for clarity, honesty and purity. Whenever one wants to express the purity of emotion or thought or idea of deep friendship, aquamarine serves the purpose really well. Brazil and Mozambique are two very important countries worth pin-pointing on the world map of gemstones. Other important countries are Nigeria, Madagascar, Pakistan, Afghanistan and few others.

Characteristic green shine with golden tinge defines the visual appeal of a typical Peridot. This gemstone is christened as 'gemstone of the evening' as its shine remains unaffected even during evenings when natural light is missing. Peridot is said to have found its place first in Egyptian jewellery some 2 million BC back. Still, it can be placed among few of the most modern gemstones that were found in excavation project carried out in Kashmir in the year 1900. Europe in medieval period and Romans in ancient era also saw its use on a considerable scale. Peridot's existence can be traced back to the countries like China, USA, Australia and Africa, with Myanmar being on the top of the list.

This gemstone derives its name from lemon being pale yellow in colour. Various hues, however, are able to meet the requirements of the users who look for colours such as brown, yellow, yellow with reddish tint, yellow with orange tone etc. Because of the mildness and certain amount of magical feel attached to it, this gemstone is known to eradicate feelings of loss, confusion and sadness. User may like to wear it as the yellow coloured gemstones are not much in number and hence, this helps them stand apart in the crowd. Its presence can be noticed in the countries such as Europe, Spain, Brazil, France and Hungary since historic times.

Mostly purple or lilac in colour, this gemstone is said to be the carrier of peace and harmony in life. Increased piety and enhancement of virtues like honesty and chastity of soul are some of the benefits of using this gemstone. It helps increasing meditative powers, protects the wearer from snake bites or other sorts of loss and helps fight grief better. This stone, however, tends to pale to colourlessness in stark daylight or in artificial dark light; hence, avoid wearing it while sun-bath or partying in disco. It is a universally present gemstones found in almost all parts of the world. Brazil, Uruguay and Madagascar are the companies important from economic point of view.

Turquoise is known very well for its protective powers. All those job holders who face high risk of falling can use bracelet or pendant made in turquoise for reducing the chances of accident. Thus, pilots of today and horse riders in ancient times were advised to wear turquoise for success in their careers. Not suitable for sun-lit conditions, this gemstone is found where copper is in plenty. Apart from protection, this is widely used to eradicate poverty and have a prosperous, happy life. China, USA, Israel, Mexico, Afghanistan and Iran can be called the storehouses of this gemstone that is quite popular all over the world.

Diamond is a very big industry in itself and people all over the world get the sparkle in their eyes the moment they hear the world diamond. Quite a piece of fascination since childhood where school going kids get introduced to this gemstone as the hardest material on the face of this earth, diamond proves to be a gem forever. Considered a girl's best friend, these gemstones are sure to make the gal swell with pride and go gaga over her good luck when her beau tries to persuade her to be the life partner using this gemstone in engagement ring. Rarer types of this gemstones are present in pale, blue and few other colours too so that these can be placed among precious coloured gemstones having a remarkable tinge. South Africa, India, Russia and Brazil have some valuable deposits of diamond.