Thailand has always been a place of curiosity for an avid traveller. But this country can also catch the attention of those people also who want to know about the gemstones. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just a starter for collecting gemstones privately, this place is surely going to loom over your mind for all the right reasons.

Thailand is the country of beauty, vividness, culture and of course, rare gemstones. Not only the friendliness and the courteous nature of its citizens can bowl over the visitors, the presence of best quality gemstones also can win this country the lifelong patronage. Very occasionally, the rare varieties of precious stones spur up from the novel sources making the radars shift to this country.

Gemstones, as one should know, are characterized by colour and clarity. Very few regions in the world are such where one can find the rubies or sapphires or other precious stones in the best possible hue or tone. Blessed is the country of Thailand in this regard, where the finest collection of such precious stones are available in the best imaginable colour tones.

The life of an avid gemstone collector is very enthralling and finding a gemstone deposit during its course is not less important than wedding or childbirth. Discoverers and finders from all across the world have devoted the substantial portion of life, and in some cases, all of it in unearthing the mysterious presence of classy gemstones from beneath the earth surface. One such location worth spending the lifetime for discovery of rare gems in the world is Chanthaburi (moon city) in Thailand.

Blessed with the finest coloured rubies and sapphires, this gem mining location is actually the kingdom of gemstones. To make a gem out of a rough stone, the best technique is to heat it at several hundred degrees. Various mines of this region provide natural conditions favourable for the development of a desirable colour in the gemstone. Therefore, the gemstone extracted from such sources is naturally quite high in terms of tone of the colour.

Siam rubies, a name that can set the pulse of an avid gem collector racing, were sourced for the first time from Chanthaburi city. Deep pigeon red in colour, sometimes very slightly included, these rubies are red enough to bring the sparkle in the eyes of a gemstone lover. Apart from rubies, topaz and amethyst deposits also make this area a place worth investing time and money in mining. So, next time when you head towards Thailand, don't forget to go in search of gemstones - a decision that is surely going to change the course of your life forever!

Apart from very savoury fruits and very artistic hats, baskets and mats, Catholic Cathedral Church of Chanthaburi is surely going to take the breath away of a fond traveller. The statue of Mother Mary is a symbol of richness of gemstones that this area is famous for. The miners and artisans, mostly Vietnamese, have contributed towards this statue and every inch of it is covered with finest quality of sapphires, rubies and topazes known to the world. So, isn't it a creation worth treasuring in our memories forever?

Photo: V. Pardieu / GIA Laboratory Bangkok, 2010